Dead Pixels 2 – Beta Demo

dead pixels 2

Dead Pixels 2  is a bigger and better follow-up to Dead Pixels, a fun retro side-scrolling action game, with zombies.  The Devs compare Dead Pixels 2 to the Evil Dead 2 – improving upon the flaws of the original Dead Pixels and use an actual budget to make sure the whole thing is polished, not a remake, but not a sequel and superior to the original in every way.

Dead Pixels 2 features some wonderful pixel art graphics, branching paths, loot, lots of weaponry and a variety of RPG elements – such as cash, XP, shops, abilities and Skills to level up.  It’s great fun to play and has a distinctive 80’s style to it, full of garish colours, plenty of neon, retro graphics and even a VHS-style screen filter complete with scan lines and tracking issues.  It also features an AI director which assesses how well the player was doing and adjusts the game to suit, allowing for consistently challenging gameplay.

While Dead Pixels 2 may look like a simple retro side scrolling brawler with guns, there’s a remarkable amount of depth to the gameplay, and it’s great fun to play.  It’s reminiscent of the recent Scot Pilgrim Vs The World game, but with zombies, shotguns and a dash of 80’s awesome.

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Download the Beta Demo HERE