Dead Sector – Student Game Download

Dead Sector is a very impressive Dark Souls inspired third person Sci-Fi action adventure set in a dystopian future that’s dependent on mysterious energy cells to survive.

Created by a team of five students at HAW Hamburg, Dead Sector is a Souls-llike third person action game where you use an upgradeable plasma sword and an energy shield to fight your way through a dilapidated facility filled with hostile aliens. As you make your way through the facility you collect different types of energy cells which can be used to open doors, restore your health and purchase upgrades.

It’s not as tough, but the combat in Dead Sector is pretty similar to the Souls games, with you able to able to use a shield, counter-attack and roll to avoid damage and having a choice of light or heavy attacks to hack at enemies with. There’s not much in the way of narrative, but there’s a lot of detail in the environment and the larger enemies are particularly menacing. There are also some great little design touches, such as the Dead Space-esque lights on the back of your armor that tell you your health or the fact that you have to fight to earn your upgrades.

The devs are continuing to work on Dead Sector, but it’s already a very polished experience with high quality visuals and satisfying combat. The Dark Souls games (and Souls-likes) usually take days to play through, so it’s nice to have one that delivers a tight 20 minute adventure. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Dead Sector Here (Windows)