Dead Signal – Game Jam Build

Dead Signal is a tense and claustrophobic zero gravity first person Sci-Fi horror adventure where you attempt to escape a derelict, alien-infested spaceship armed only with your repulsor gun.

In Dead Signal you take control of a lone worker who wakes up in a derelict spaceship with a warning that there’s been a hull breach and the engines need restarted. You must now make your way through the ship, grabbing a repulsor gun and some handy attachments along the way and using them to stave off the attacks from incoming aliens. As you’re in space there is no gravity so you can float about as in a 6DoF shooter, but you have realistic momentum and the kickback of your repulsor gun to deal with, making everything feel that much more real.

It takes around ten minutes to play through Dead Signal and during its short play time it really impresses with its tense and claustrophobic atmosphere, realistic zero gravity physics and striking retro visual style. The repulsor gun is especially fun to use (particularly when blowing open doors) and the engine bay battle near the end offers a fun twist on classic boss battle mechanics. A superb little zero gravity horror adventure well worth blasting off with.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Dead Signal Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)