Daedalus – Beta Demo


Daedalus is a very cool multiplayer 2D arena shooter inspired by Quake 3 and Alien Breed, that features fast, fun FPS-style gameplay from a top down perspective.

It can be played against Bots, but as always, it’s way better against online opponents.  The Quake influence is very noticeable, with big beefy weaponry and fast paced gameplay.  Combine this with the fog of war feature and you end up with a game that oddly feels more like an FPS than a twinstick shooter.

As well as being great fun to play, Daedalus also looks very impressive, thanks to some snazzy lighting effects and nice map designs.  It’s pretty much 2D top down Quake multiplayer, with great graphics and brutal weaponry – and it’s every bit as fun as that sounds.

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Watch the Trailer HERE

Download the Beta Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)