DeadCore – Alpha Demo


DeadCore (Previously called Deadlock) is a first person shooter/platformer featuring some beautiful environmental puzzles. The main idea of the game is you must jump your way up a gigantic tower as fast as possible while avoiding to be kicked down by its security systems – turrets & robots – on your way to the top.  Along the way you’ll fight the robots guarding the tower and handle tricky platforming sequences, sometimes both simultaneously.

To make things a little easier, you’re equipped with a ‘Switch Gun’, a special weapon that allows you to temporarily activate or deactivate most of the tower elements, like robots for example.  The game gets harder and the puzzles get more complex while you progress through the game, but you also get upgrades that will give you new abilities like ‘Dash’ that allow you solve puzzles and complete previous levels in much faster times.

With DeadCore you’ll come for the stunning visuals, but stay for the inventive level design and fast paced, intelligent gameplay.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available