DeadHop – Game Jam Build


Deadhop, a game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam, will have you bouncing off zombies heads with your skateboarding skills.

This game is sort of like an endless runner, where you must skate forwards away from a horde of zombies, while more zombies are also running at you head-on. You can either jump over these zombies, which means that they will most likely join the horde following you (not really helping your situation or the human race), Or you can hit them in the face with your awesome kickflip skills. This requires some timing, but can be done fairly easily.  Hitting the zombies in the face with your skateboard will leave them in a pile of blood and guts. Do not look back or slow down, unless you want a massive horde of zombies to devour you.

The mix of a realistic background and pixelized character animations really work well together, and the gameplay in Deadhop is pretty simple, yet addictive and fun.  See how long you survive in this zombie infested skateboarding game!

Play DeadHop in your Unity supported browser HERE