Deadline of the Dead – Game Jam Build

Work doesn’t rest – not even during the apocalypse. In Deadline of the Dead, you must finish of your final 20 work related tasks before the deadline, all while filling up on coffee, using the toilet and fighting off hordes of your old zombie coworkers.

Despite the world ending, you still have an important deadline coming up and a lot of tasks to complete. You need to keep your job, so you must do some overtime alone, fighting (literally) to get everything done. Your office is more or less abandoned, but there are different types of coffee-stations dotted around, the toilets still work and there are various tasks to be done everywhere.

The place is also crawling with zombies who seem to multiply as time moves on. You do have a shotgun, but shooting them down takes time away from your needs. The entire office is built like a maze, with tons of walls and cubicles to move around. You do have small points around the screen which show where various objects are around you, but it’s up to you to find the path there and not get hurt before your needs completely run out.

You’ll really need to watch your needs as well as your back to make your paycheck! Deadline of the Dead does have some super funny tasks for you to complete, as when you go over to a needed area to do the task, you do need to wait a few seconds for it to be complete. During this time, you can read the title of what you are doing – regular work things like ‘calling Martin from HR’ are there, but so are strange things like ‘organizing a box of human hands.’ Whatever you complete, at least you’ll get paid!

Download Deadline of the Dead Here (Windows Only)