Deadline: Ransom Note Agency – Game Jam Build Download

Deadline: Ransom Note Agency is a fun little puzzle game in which you are a professional ransom note designer who pieces together notes for various nefarious customers.

In Deadline: Ransom Note Agency it’s your first day on the job at a custom ransom note agency. Each customer will chat with you, giving you a few clues about the ransom note requirements, then leave you to your work.

Each ransom note requires you to piece together three different words using the letters set out before you. The puzzles are essentially anagrams, but with a few letters placed correctly already to give you a clue as to which words you’re trying to make. Get three words correct and it’s on to the next customer, you’ll have to be reasonably quick though – have a set time to create the ransom notes and you don’t want to disappoint your clientele.

It’s a fun little game with a great premise, nice voice acting and some challenging puzzles. A quirky little random note puzzler well worth checking out.

Download Deadline: Ransom Note Agency Here (Windows – Link at Bottom of Page)