Deadlink – Alpha Demo

Deadlink is a roguelite cyberpunk FPS with a focus on speed and agility as you bring the fight to shady corporations who run the world.

In Deadlink you work for an organisation that’s attempting to thwart the schemes and shady deals of powerful corporations in a cyberpunk world. It’s a dangerous job as the streets are overrun with thugs and corporate security, but thankfully you won’t be harmed – instead you pilot an autonomous combat shell that’s fast, agile and really packs a punch.

At the moment the shotgun feels a little underpowered (often requiring multiple shots to dispatch weak enemies), but other than that Deadlink is a hell of a lot of fun. It’s a great looking game, with beefy looking guns, environmental destruction and satisfying kills. There’s a real fluidity to the combat too, with you able to use a grappling hook to dash towards targets and environments with a nice amount of verticality. It makes for a very entertaining FPS experience with roguelite elements allowing for plenty of replayability.

Download The Deadlink Alpha Demo Here (Steam)