DEAL: Dusk Ends All Light – Prototype Download

DEAL: Dusk Ends All Light is an atmospheric time-shifting adventure that sees you controlling a shadowy entity that’s attempting to extinguish the light in a realm that’s drenched in the rays of a red setting sun.

In DEAL: Dusk Ends All Light you take control of a shadowy entity which may be the offspring of the Devil. You have been tasked prove that you are worth of you lineage by entering a cave and extinguishing the light of day which is sealed in a guarded cave.

To complete your mission do you’ll have to phase through time as different structures only exist in certain time-zones, and you’ll also have to deal with the guardians of the light. You can kill the guardians quite easily by shooting them with your shadow powers (RT) and you can phase through three periods of time by using the LB and RB buttons.

DEAL: Dusk Ends All Light is very much a work in progress at the moment – enemies are very easy to beat and there are only a couple of uses for your time-shifting ability. However, visually it’s fantastic and exploring the shadowy game world and taking in it’s strange architecture is a captivating experience. A super stylish and atmospheric adventure well worth keeping an eye on.

Note: At the moment there’s no real ending for the Prototype. Once you shift into the moonlit version of the world there’s not much to do other than explore.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Prototype Here (Windows)