Dear Substance of Kin – Game Jam Build

Dear Substance of Kin is a dark narrative-driven experience where you take on the role of an occult wanderer who travels between villages, offering Monkey Paw-esque deals that require blood sacrifices.

In Dear Substance of Kin you take on the role of a mysterious traveller called the “Coppersmith”. Metalwork isn’t your vocation though – you work with blood and souls, going from house to house and carrying out rituals a the behest of the inhabitants. These rituals will grant them their deepest (and often darkest) wishes and require payment of a meaningful blood sacrifice up front, but will often cost your customers much more further down the line.

It takes a little time to get to grips with what you’re doing and the mechanics of performing the rituals but it’s a fascinating experience with a great sense of atmosphere and a very interesting lore. The village, doomed characters and the mysterious rituals all feel like something you’d find in the Dark Souls/Bloodborne universe and the narrative is just as intriguing and obscure. A dark and mysterious little adventure well worth delving into.

Download Dear Substance of Kin Here (Windows)