Death Alley – Game Jam Build

The grim reaper has gone down a strange path, doing some pretty weird things in exchange for souls. Maybe it’s medicine keeping people alive too long, maybe he’s bored, but in Death Alley the grim reaper will allow you to risk your life just to get a chance at a wish being fulfilled.

Most of the wishes he seems used to getting are for dead family members or long lost pets, but you had something else in mind. That newest video game is what you want to trade your life for. Hoping to make your brother jealous, you’ve taken the grim reapers request on in hopes that your bowling skills will keep you alive and make sure you get a new video game to rub in his face.

To Bowling is quite tricky when the reaper is setting up the pins – or well, random bones and zombie parts. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen and you must tap spacebar when the moving like hits the right part of the yellow mini-bar within it. There is a central point, but you can hit the inside of the yellow line to the left or right so that the ball goes slightly left or right, depending on where the pins are at.

The more times you hit this yellow bar, as you move closer to releasing the ball, the more power the ball has. Power is pretty important, as if you roll the ball with only one hit, it won’t be able to knock over any pins. Being able to hit spacebar during the run up does change the angle and area you let go of the ball at, so you’ll need to be careful and make really fast decisions.

See if you can get a high enough score to get your wish granted by the grim reaper. The alternative, of course, is giving up your soul, so you better have luck and skill on your side!

Play Death Alley Here (Browser, Win, Mac, & Linux)