Death Crown – Alpha Demo

Death Crown is an extremely fast paced 1-bit styled real time strategy game where you command legions of undead in a war against the living.

The retro styled RTS gameplay of Death Crown takes place in a fantasy kingdom where a once great king has become corrupt with power and has started a war against Death itself for a powerful artifact called the Death Crown. You now command the troops of Death as you set out to destroy the human armies and kill the corrupt King.

The RTS battles in Death Crown take place in hex grid battlefields and are extremely fast paced. Your choices of available structures you can build are limited to mines, towers and barracks, with mines giving you resources, towers defending from enemy troops and barracks allowing you to send out units. You can’t command your units but you can decide where they will march to, with them attacking any enemy structure they meet along the way.

The current build of Death Crown features a tutorial level and two campaign battles. Its stripped down take on RTS mechanics allows for some very fast paced battles where every second counts. Meanwhile battlefields with multiple routes of attack and powerful black crystals that grant your armies buffs still makes it a satisfyingly strategic experience.

Death Crown really impresses with its streamlined and super fast paced take on the RTS genre. The battles are intense, it’s easy to pick up and play and its 1-bit visual style is very striking. Be quick and be dead in this slick, stylish RTS.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Death Crown Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

1 thought on “Death Crown – Alpha Demo”

  1. Played through the demo. Love it! Really challenging.
    Only problem is that it practically froze my computer and I couldn’t do anything but restart when I finished it.

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