Death of a Wish – Beta Demo

Death of a Wish is a very stylish and brutal hand-drawn action RPG where a kid who has grown up in a cult attempts to escape indoctrination.

A sequel to Lucah: Born of a Dream, Death of a Wish is a dark and twisted action RPG where you’re attempting to escape from the clutches of the cult you were brought up in. To do this you’ll need to travel through a nightmarish hand-animated world full of monsters and defeat the four Sanctum Faiths (Priest, Cardinal, Sister and Father).

The combat in Death of a Wish is challenging, fast paced and focuses on aggression, with you able to use magical combos, perks and special abilities to defeat the monster hordes. Throughout your journey you’ll meet strange new characters and discover their stories. You’ll also become corrupted as time passes, and the only way you can stave it off is to pull off long combos and achieve high combat ranks.

Much like Lucah, Death of a Wish is a remarkable experience. The combat feels great and it’s got a beautiful and bleak nightmare world that you can feel yourself getting lost in. Highly recommended.

Download The Death of a Wish Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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