Death of the Reprobate – Beta Demo

Death of the Reprobate is a very funny point and click adventure created from real Renaissance era paintings, which sees a terrible king attempting to do good deeds.

Currently in development by Joe Richardson (creator of Four Last Things), in Death of the Reprobate you are a rather awful king whose wealthy papa is about to die. You’re his last surviving heir and are keen to get your inheritance, but first you have to honor his dying wish – you need to do seven good deeds before sundown. So you set off into the land and see who needs your assistance.

The demo build of Death of the Reprobate allows you to complete two of the seven good deeds (catching a fish and helping to get some kids off to sleep). You do some pretty terrible things while trying to complete your good deeds (especially with regards to a certain milkshake), and there are some clever puzzles to solve along the way too.

Solving the puzzles isn’t the real draw in Death of the Reprobate though – it’s the world, the humor and the characters. The Renaissance era artwork is fantastic, with lots of characters and locations lifted directly from the paintings. Meanwhile, the gags keep coming thick and fast and the eccentric collection of characters are very entertaining. It’s a rude, raucous and ridiculous place that you won’t want to leave. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Death of the Reprobate Beta Demo Here

Download The Death of the Reprobate Beta Demo Here (Steam)