Death Stair – Prototype Download

Death Stair

Death Stair is a simple yet challenging local multiplayer game for 2-4 players, in which one player must do their utmost to stop the rest from climbing a flight of stairs.

The basic premise is straight forward enough, one player is randomly selected to take on the role of a Gunner, and the remaining players designated Runners. It’s the Runners’ job to make their way to the top of the titular Death Stair whilst avoiding everything from beach balls to land mines and molotov cocktails being hurled back down the stairs by the Gunner. Think something along the lines of a multiplayer 3D Donkey Kong and you’re half-way there.

As the Gunner, players must be defensive, tactically choosing their loadout and timing their shots to effectively slow the Runners, hopefully keeping them at bay long enough for the timer to run out before they reach the top. The Runners however, are a nimble bunch and will use their athletic abilities to ascend the stair case by jumping and dodging the projectiles tossed at them.

The game promises a handful of different modes, keeping the action fresh and varied, with plenty of options and modifiers for bespoke custom games, and up to 16-player 1v1 tournaments. This is old school split-screen player-elbow-ing fun at its best, sure to bring out the aggressor in anyone who plays. What looks deceptively simple on the surface, hides a much deeper, and genuinely compelling game about, what is essentially… heading up a flight of stairs.

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Download the Death Stair Prototype Here (Windows Only)