Death to Spies 3 – Beta Demo

death to spies

Death to Spies 3 is a third person stealth game that’s the third instalment of the popular ‘Death to Spies‘ series, taking place in both the World War II and the Cold War era.  You play as a Russian captain named Semyon Strogov (it’s a rather unfortunate first name) who has the necessary skills to accomplish dangerous, almost suicidal missions.

The game feels like an old school stealth game with a James Bond vibe to it and a range of Hitman-style weaponry.  The stealth mechanics are solid, you have a garrotte to choke your enemies and a silenced pistol to take out unreachable targets, and you can also drag bodies out of sight to not alarm other enemies.

It’s shaping up to be a great stealth game, with stealthy Hitman-style gameplay in a cold war seting, and some nicely polished visuals.

Watch a Lets Play HERE

Download the Beta HERE