Death Toll – Beta Sign Up

Death Toll is great looking new first person shooter that fuses Battle Royale and Capture the Flag gameplay elements in a large open world littered with a wide variety of military vehicles – including tanks, fighter jets and attack choppers!

Death Toll is a Battle Royale-esque multiplayer survival shooter where the objective isn’t to survive the island, it’s to escape it by collecting four special items and making it to the airfield. You and all the other players parachute into the large open game world at the start of the game and must scavenge for food, weapons, equipment, special items and vehicles in an attempt to escape the island and prevent anyone else from escaping first. There’s an impressive amount of military vehicles and modes of transport for you to commandeer, including tanks, attack choppers, bombers, fighter jets, motorbikes and even horses – you won’t be able to just jump in and drive the military vehicles though, first you’ll need to repair them with parts you find in the island.

Obviously it will draw comparisons to PUBG, but Death Toll does well to stand out from the inevitable flood of Battle Royale games thanks to it’s unique objective based gameplay and diverse array of military vehicles you can take for a spin. It’s a fun looking game that offers a great twist on the Battle Royale survival shooter as you engage in a massive arms race and fight to escape the island. Sign up for the Beta now for a chance to parachute in early!

Sign Up For The Death Toll Beta Here (Steam)