Death Touch – Game Jam Build Download

death touch

Death Touch is a super tough stealthy acton game inspired by DeadBolt and Gunpoint, in which you use your powers to teleport into enemies and make them explode.

The teleportation in Death Touch is remarkably easy and enjoyable, just point and click and instantly zip to that location.  It the specified location happens to be an enemy then you’ll teleport into them, causing them to explode in a satisfyingly gory manner.

If any of these enemies see you before hand though, you’ll only have a split second to dodge them or they’ll blow you away in an instant.  This makes for a tough but fun experience as you sneak, teleport and pop your way around the levels.  You’ve got to feel a little sorry for the bad guys – having someone materialise inside you can’t be a nice way to go!

Download Death Touch HERE