Death Tractor – Prototype Download

death tractor

Death Tractor is a corn farming simulator that features accurate corn farming physics, real-time growth patterns and DEATH! (or to be a little more accurate it’s first person Pac Man in a corn field full of whirling death machines).

Created as an April Fools day pet project (with the possibility of becoming a full game if demand is high enough to get it through Greenlight), Death Tractor puts you in the shoes of a member of the Nostranto Family, humble genetically modified corn growers who’s tractors have come to life and are roaming the corn fields, thirsty for blood.  Obviously murderous death tractors can’t stop you from harvesting your crop so you set out into the field with your scythe to harvest as much corn as possible within five minutes.

It’s a surprisingly nerve-wrecking experience hacking your way through the corn, with the fear inducing engine noises making for a constant reminder threat of death tractors.  You must gather corn and take it to the pick-up trucks that are waiting around the field (you should drop off corn as often as possible as the more corn you carry, the slower you will walk).  It’s pretty hard to see the tractors through the corn, and things get tougher as time goes on as more and more tractors are added of different shapes and sizes – the huge ones look the most menacing, but it’s the little ones that you won’t see coming!

Death Tractor may of started as an April Fools joke, but we’d certainly love to see it expanded on, especially once the devs implement Online multiplayer (only LAN multiplayer and Single Player modes are available at the moment).  It’s pretty much first person Pac Man, but with the cute little ghosts replaced by roaring tractors of death – which is exactly as fun and as terrifying as it sounds!

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Download the Death Tractor Prototype HERE