Deathbound – Alpha Demo

Deathbound is a soulslike action RPG where you can instantly transform between different characters in a world where science and faith clash.

In Deathbound you are an entity that can absorb the essence of fallen warriors and bind them to your being, allowing you to transform into them when you need their abilities. The game takes place in a nightmarish world that blends technology with medieval fantasy and sees you traversing a city towards the Church of Death. Each character has their own unique combat style and abilities, and you also get to delve into their backstory too.

The gameplay in Deathbound is much like a traditional third person soulslike, but the ability to morph between different characters on-the-fly is a great touch. It effectively turns the game into a team-based action RPG, but you control all of the team. It makes for an interesting take on the soulslike genre where you’ll never be worrying that you chose the wrong class of character at the start!

Download The Deathbound Alpha Demo Here (Steam)