Deathchron – Beta Demo

Deathchron is a stylish and challenging retro side-scrolling action platformer where a kid jumps in a mech and is transported to another world where robots have taken over.

Drawing inspiration from NES classics like Blaster Master, Deathchron is a pixel art action platformer about a boy and his mech. After getting a mysterious television transmission, a mech (called the Deathchron) arrives and transports him to an alternate future world that’s been overrun with robotic mechs. You now need to fight back and rid the world of the mechanical menaces, and hopefully get back home eventually too!

It’s not just the graphics of Deathchron that harken back to the 80’s, the gameplay and difficulty levels do too. It plays like a traditional Mega Man/Blaster Master-esque action platformer, but with a little more focus on puzzles, and the ability to jump out of your mech to carry out certain tasks. You need to be careful though – the mech can only take three hits and if you leave the mech then you can only take one, and checkpoints are few and far between.

At the moment the checkpoints feel a little too far apart (so dying gets a little frustrating), but the pixel art visuals are great and the gameplay offers a nice challenge. Also, being able to jump in and out of your mech is a nice touch. The lack of checkpoints may frustrate, but if you can avoid death it’s a lot of fun.

Download The Deathchron Beta Demo Here (Steam)