DEATHGRIP – Alpha Demo

DEATHGRIP is a Star Wars Episode 1: Racer inspired Sci-Fi combat racing game where players race at break-neck speeds through deadly tracks.

In DEATHGRIP you’ll be able to jump into eight unique vehicles and compete in Time Trial and Combat Races that draw inspiration from Episode 1: Racer and WipEout. You race at high speeds around natural environments that are filled with deadly turns, jumps, branching paths and shortcuts. You can also use cannons, shotguns, missiles, countermeasures to help outgun your rivals if you can’t outrun them!

The vehicles could perhaps do with a little more weight, but aside from that it’s a promising start. There’s a real sense of speed and peril as you race through the treacherous tracks and it feels fondly reminiscent of Episode 1: Racer. Hopefully you don’t face off against that little brat Anakin!

Download The DEATHGRIP Alpha Demo Here (Steam)