Deathless Hyperion – Prototype Download

Deathless Hyperion is a tense and atmospheric retro Sci-Fi horror FPS where you blast your way through a monster-filled space station and use clones as lives.

Drawing inspiration from Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone, Deathless Hyperion is a Sci-Fi horror old school FPS set aboard a huge monster-filled space station. In the game you need to search the station for valuables and fuel, then escape to your ship in one piece. If you do die in the line of duty then you’ll be reborn as a clone from a clone vat, but you need to activate them before you die and it will cost you valuable credits to do so.

The current build of Deathless Hyperion features a very large map to explore, with differently themed areas full of secrets, loot, robots and freaky alien monsters. The space station is a labyrinth of corridors, rooms and locked doors. As well as the obligatory keys and keycards, you’ll also need to activate power switches to power up different sections of the ship. However, there are lots of nasty surprises waiting for you behind those locked doors, so be ready with your guns!

Due to the similarity of a lot of the environments and the enormity of the map it can be quite easy to get totally lost at times, but other than that Deathless Hyperion is a lot of fun. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere, the pixel artwork of the monsters is fantastic, the soundtrack is excellent and there’s a huge amount of stuff to discover in the space station. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Deathless Hyperion Prototype Here (Windows)