The rather long titled DeathOfSerious Mugen Pack World Of Madness is an awesome M.U.G.E.N  based fighter that allows for some very silly (and brilliant) match-ups.  Allowing you to pit Homer Vs Peter Griffin, Megaman vs Sub Zero, Kirby Vs Spider man, Iron Man Vs  Kirby and Mario Vs Spongebob.

The roster in the Alpha currently includes 30 characters battling over 20 classic video game stages, but the goal for the finished game is a massive 1344 characters and 500 stages (for an idea of how that will play, check out Salty Bet).  The rather ambitious plan it to bring a bit of balance and polish to those 1344 M.U.G.E.N  created characters, which as you can imagine, may be quite tricky.  Balance isn’t the main draw here anyway, if you want a competitive fighter get Streetfighter 4, if you want to experience Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin beating the crap out of each other on Rainbow Road, get this!

It’s still in early Alpha, but already it’s thoroughly entertaining and perfect for settling the age old question “Who would  win in a fight between…”

Update: This Game Is No Longer Available