Death’s Life – Alpha Demo

Deaths Life

Death’s Life, a game being created by Umbu Games, is an evil point and click puzzle game that sees you playing as Death’s latest recruit and setting out devious Final Destination-esque chains of events that result in the ‘accidental’ demise of your mark.

Your goal in Death’s Life is to set up a death trap for the unsuspecting person on your death list. You use your mouse to move certain object around in each area to set of a chain reaction. Death’s Life uses a lot of trial and error to perfect where each item is meant to be placed for the innocent bystander to get an extreme dose of death.

The current build of Death’s Life is pretty short, but its minimalistic art style and macabre puzzle based gameplay is great fun.  Don’t fear the Reaper, be the Reaper!

Check out the Death’s Life Greenlight Page Here

Download the Death’s Life Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)