Debrysis – Alpha Download

debrysis game

Debrysis is a highly addictive and challenging hardcore arena shooter full of power-ups, psychedelic artwork and intense 360 degree top down shooting action.

Gameplay in Debrysis is similar to Geometry Wars, with you attempting to survive various deadly arenas for as long as possible, racking up points whilst staring in awe at all the pulsing neon on-screen carnage. At first it’s unlikely you’ll last long, but with each attempt you’ll earn XP which can be used to level up the weaponry on your vehicle and stand you in better stead for future attempts. There are also four classes of vehicles to unlock which offer different perks and attributes which may come in handy in the arenas.

There’s a nice selection of arenas in the current build of Debrysis, each with a different visual style and enemy types, with the game changing the arena after every 2nd failed attempt. There are even boss-type creatures to take on, if you’re feeling brave enough! Even in these early stages of development, it’s a fun, addictive and intense hardcore arena shooter with lush visuals and a high level of polish. You’ll die a lot but you won’t regret entering this neon-filled arena!

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Download or Play The Debrysis Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Browser)