Debt Detective – Game Jam Build Download

Debt Detective is a charming and thought provoking little first person experience where you are a debt collector who must decide whether to collect or defer the payments due to you.

Created for Ryans’s Lil Jam V2, Debt Detective puts you in the role of a debt collector who visits debtors at their homes to collect payment. You only have a short time at each household so you need to chat to the debtor then look around the house for valuables. You then have to decide whether the person can/should pay the debt right now or if you should debt the debt until later. Your choices will then often have a dramatic effect on how their life plays out.

Taking around five minutes to play through, Debt Detective is a very short game, but the artwork is excellent and the premise is very interesting. It does a great job of making you empathise with the characters (the single mother especially) and there are some great little details hidden in the environments. A debt collecting adventure well worth collecting.

Download Debt Detective Here (Windows)