Decarnation – Beta Demo

Decarnation is a beautiful and surreal narrative-driven psychological horror adventure where a struggling cabaret dancer battles her inner and outer monsters.

Taking place in 90’s Paris, in Decarnation you follow the story of Gloria – a cabaret dancer in her late 20’s who’s dealing with relationship, self-esteem and career issues. One day a mysterious benefactor offers her a gig that seems too good to be true. As it turns out, maybe it is…

The demo build of Decarnation takes around an hour to play through and follows Gloria’s life as she visits a statue she posed for, has some relationship issues with her girlfriend and contemplates a shift in direction for her career. She has many worries, and these spill out into surreal nightmares that play out in fragmented subconscious landscapes filled with grotesque monsters.

It’s a very promising game with fantastic pixel artwork, a deep and compelling story and a strong female protagonist in a world that doesn’t quite accept her. It’s got a very unsettling and surreal vibe akin to the works of David Lynch and it’s a horror story with something to say. Highly recommended.

Download The Decarnation Beta Demo Here (Steam)