Deceiver – Beta Demo Sign Up

Deceiver is a very stylish ‘Philosophical Shooter’ that sees you fighting and stealing resources within in a TRON-inspired cyberworld, as you attempt to scrape enough cash together to escape the planet before a cataclysmic event.

Based on a 2014 game jam prototype, Deceiver blends first person parkour, terminal hacking and third person three dimensional combat using spider drone that can stick to any surface. It features a four hour fully voice acted campaign mode and online multiplayer competitive matches for up to 12 players.

Your goal is to steal enough cash from within the stylish cyberworld to allow you to buy your way onto a flight off the doomed planet you’re trapped on. There’s only so much wealth to go around though and everyone else it trying to escape too. You need to defend your resources while stealing other peoples. It’s a fight for survival, which if you win, means others will lose their lives (mainly because you’ve stolen their cash).

It’s a great looking game with a very interesting concept behind it. The neon-filed cyberworld of Deceiver looks fantastic and the way you can maneuver your little spider bots through the game world makes for a novel experience. Sign up for the demo now to start stealing and scavenging for your survival in this super stylish cyberscape.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available