Decimate Drive – Alpha Demo

Decimate Drive is an intense run-or-die pedestrian horror game where you attempt to avoid murderous cars that roam the streets.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, Decimate Drive is a horror game inspired by cult classic movies such as Maximum Overdrive and Christine. You wake up next to a payphone with no idea how you got there. However, it seems you need to reach a series of ringing telephones in the distance. Which would be easy if it wasn’t for the psychopathic cars that are roaming the streets!

The current Decimate Drive demo features a whole different selection of levels from the playtest, and even has some narrative elements and a new game plus mode (with extra vehicles in each level). It’s a very intense experience and the ending is very intriguing. The visuals are also great and there’s a nice variety of locations.

The only real issue at the moment is that the gameplay is pretty similar in each level so does run the risk of getting repetitive. This could be remedied by the infusion of some more dramatically different car types though (tanks, monster trucks, busses, ride-on lawnmowers, classic movie cars, etc.) and adding a little more story. It’s a very promising game though and there’s a real thrill to be had from narrowly dodging a high speed ice-cream truck!

Check Out a Decimate Drive Gameplay Video Here

Download The Decimate Drive Alpha Demo Here (Steam)