Deckest Dungeon – Game Jam Build

Deckest Dungeon, an adorable card-based dungeon crawler made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you taking on round after round of monsters with your small party of three adventurers.

In Deckest Dungeon your party consists of three adventurers – a red fighter, a green druid, and a blue mage. Each of these characters have different reactions to cards and being attacked. The fighter takes less damage from enemies, the druid is able to heal with a bonus and adds a damage bonus to green cards, and the mage has a large bonus for blue damage cards. Both the druid and the mage do less damage when using red cards.

On top of this, there is a pecking order with the colors of cards and enemies. Red tops green, green tops blue, blue tops red when it comes to damage. Each round you will get a selection of cards – some do damage while others heal. You will need to destroy the enemies that you face. These enemies come in all different forms from other adventurers to bugs and even slimes – all with their own assigned colors. If any of your teammates die along the way, as long as you make it through the round they will come back to life!

It’s a simple, but fun game with charming visuals and easily accessible gameplay. See how many monsters you can vanquish in this mini dungeon crawling adventure!

Play Deckest Dungeon Here (Browser)