Decksplash – Open Beta

Decksplash plays like a blend of Splatoon and Tony Hawk’s, with teams of three facing off against each other as they pull of tricks on their skateboards and attempt to control the largest share of the arena for as long as possible.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Decksplash is a fast paced and fun blend of skateboarding and multiplayer paint based arena warfare from the devs behind I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. In each match teams of three face off against each other and attempt to cover the arena in their color of paint. When you land a successful trick you leave a big splat of paint around you and can also buff allies and knock back opponents. The bigger the trick, the more of a splat you leave around you.

There are loot boxes, but you don’t pay real money for them, they’re only earned during play and contain lots of cool customizations you can use to make you board look badass (or utterly ridiculous). There’s a great variety of board styles to unlock, from slices of bacon to a policeman in suspenders, all of which add a welcome dose of irreverent humor and character to the game.

It’s s fun game, that’s easy to pick up and play and it’s a joy pulling off massive tricks and leaving your mark on the arena. Decksplash is currently free to all for the next week until it will then hopefully go into Early Access. However if it doesn’t receive 100k players during the week then the game may end up getting cancelled. So spread the word if you want to see more of Decksplash’s joyful paintboarding, before it’s too late!

Join in the DeckSplash Open Beta Here (Steam)