Deep Flare Explorer – Alpha Demo

deep flare explorer

Deep Flare Explorer is a space exploration game that puts you in control of a mining droid in search of minerals, resources and other items of interest.

Deep Flare Explorer, Being created by BTSeven Games, features a beautiful and vibrant colour palette that is very reminiscent of TRON. Hues of glowing blue encompass the background, with lighter shades of blue are used to highlight the planet’s surface, ship and module so that the players eyes can differentiate between background and foreground level design aspects.

Deep Flare Explorer might be a little difficult when it comes to controlling the ship (a control pad is recommended), but you will slowly grasp how to manoeuvre your ship module to navigate the vast landscapes placed before you. The tutorial is a must for first timers as it teaches you exactly how to use the ships flight system and how to use each piece of equipment accordingly, making your missions in space easier when you start a full game.

The musical component in Deep Flare Explorer gives you that nostalgic vibe but at the same time it also gives you a sense of isolation. The planets you visit also contribute to this as they appear vast, added to the fact that there isn’t any sign of life at all.

With it’s great sense of atmosphere, impressive artwork and unique gameplay, Deep Flare Explorer is a wonderfully atmospheric experience that really does feel like you’re venturing out into the unknown.  A space sim well worth exploring.

Note: The controls can be a little tricky to get to grips with initially – we’d recommend using a control pad.

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Download the Deep Flare Explorer Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)