Deep Rock Galactic – Open Alpha

Deep Rock Galactic, a spectacle-filled space dwarf mining game sees you exploring alien planets and gathering their resources while trying to fight against the swarms of monsters that live there!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer mining experience that focuses on teamwork. You, and up to three of your friends will be able to choose from a selection of dwarves with unique jobs and specialities, then enter an alien planet to mine its resources.

One dwarf may specialize in lighting up the caves, while another may be skilled at building turrets and different machines. These different types of dwarves really make everyone work together, combining forces to create a formidable unit that can battle those alien bugs while mining those precious resources.

On each mining expedition you travel around procedurally generated caves mining different resources. These resources are your main goal – whenever you’re reached maximum capacity, you can call a little robot that will hold and store them for you. As you delve deeper, monsters will start to appear and try to kill you and your crew. As long as you fight fast and continue to gather resources, you might be able to not only make it out alive but also get promoted in your career.

It’s a very impressive game, with lots of environmental destruction, tactical team based gameplay and exciting alien bug blasting combat. Deep Rock Galactic has opened sign-ups for its open Alpha. Sign-ups close on November 6th. Everyone who signs up will receive a Steam Alpha Key that’ll allow access to the Alpha from November 9 to the 12. Happy mining!

Sign Up For The Deep Rock Galactic Open Alpha Here (Steam)