Deep Sleep – Game Jam Build Download

Deep Sleep is a fun little pixel art platformer where you attempt to collect all the alarm clocks and escape from each level while being chased by recordings of yourself.

Created for the VimJam: Collectables game jam, in Deep Sleep you need to wake up and go to work, but first you’ll need to collect all the alarm clocks scattered around your dream. In each level you need to grab all the alarm clocks then make it to the exit, but as soon as you collect the first alarm clock then you are chased by deep sleep ghosts that trace every step you make. This means you need to be careful about what routes you take into and out of each level as you don’t want to come into contact with a ghost.

It’s a short and fun little game with great pixel art animation and an inventive premise. Having to avoid previous versions of yourself is a neat concept that makes it much more interesting than just dodging AI controlled baddies. A clever little platformer that won’t put you to sleep.

Download Deep Sleep Here (Win, Mac & Linux)