Deep Sleep – Game Jam Build

deep sleep

Deep Sleep is an unsettling point-and-click horror game built for the 10th Annual Casual Gameplay Design Competition. The theme for the two month-long game jam was “Escape” and in Deep Sleep you’ll find yourself trapped in a horrible nightmare, desperately trying to wake up.

Calling up classic room escape games like The Crimson Room, Deep Sleep’s disturbing atmosphere lets you know right away that you should be uneasy. The eerie ambience is chilling and any changes in the game’s subtle hum will set you immediately on edge. As you wander through decrepit halls, the game’s grimy pixel art seems to play tricks on your eyes, making you see things that aren’t there… and somethings that are. If you should die, the game is quite forgiving, spawning you just before your untimely demise. Our only minor gripe with the game lies in its navigation; going up and down stairs and halls uses the same image and can feel a bit disorienting at times.

After you successfully escape your nightmare, there is yet more Deep Sleep to enjoy. The developer has released two sequels, Deeper Sleep and The Deepest Sleep, on Newgrounds that both promise to be just as creepy and chilling as their forebear.

NOTE: If you truly get stuck, the developer has included a walkthrough in the ‘Settings’ menu. We don’t suggest you use it though as all the puzzles can be solved with some rigorous exploration.

Play Deep Sleep Here