Deep State – Pre-Alpha Demo

Deep State is a Goldeneye and Deus-Ex inspired tactical FPS where a botched mission in a black site unleashes untold horrors upon the world.

In Deep State you are an ex-CIA operative whose partner died during a mission in a black site in Afghanistan four years ago. The black site was up to some VERY shady experiments that created grotesque monsters. Now it seems your partner is back from the dead and you need to find out what’s going on.

The pre-Alpha build of Deep State takes place during the botched Afghanistan mission and sees you attempting to infiltrate the black site and take out the terrorist who has captured it. The stealth FPS gameplay feels very much Goldeneye inspired with a focus on ranged headshots to eliminate enemies. The Deus-Ex inspiration is also apparent, with lots of different routes, tactics and gadgets at your disposal.

The guns don’t feel quite as accurate as Goldeneye (or headshots aren’t as deadly), and a zoom/aim down sights option would be good due to the large focus on ranged combat. Other than that though it’s a very promising retro shooter with lots of tactical options and some very entertaining cutscenes.

Check Out A Deep State Gameplay Video Here

Download The Deep State Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows)