Defenders of Naxia – Pre-Alpha Download

Defenders of Naxia game

Defenders of Naxia is a challenging Action RPG with dungeon crawling gameplay similar to Diablo, but with WASD-movement, a larger focus on player skill and a nifty ability to switch characters on the fly.

In Defenders of Naxia you take a band of adventurers on a quest that takes you across the five cursed kingdoms of Naxia, as you attempt to defeat and imprison a powerful sorcerer known as Raven. The Pre-Alpha build features one large dungeon that takes around 15 minutes to complete and offers up a great taste of things to come.

The combat in Defenders of Naxia will be familiar to anyone who’s played a dungeon crawler – WASD is used for movement, spacebar is used to evade, the mouse is used for attacks and the TAB button is used to switch characters. This ability to switch characters is invaluable, as not only does it allow you to switch between ranged and melee tactics, it also allows the non-active character to restore mana and health while they’re resting up. You’ll need to be strategic with your use of characters if you want to survive, as the enemies can be pretty relentless when they attack in swarms.

It’s still very early in development, but Defenders of Naxia shows a lot of promise, with great visuals, challenging gameplay and fast paced, skilful combat that feels a lot more interactive than a traditional Diablo-style dungeon crawler.

Check Out a Defenders of Naxia Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available