Deff – Game Jam Build Download

Deff, a fast-paced platformer made for the 365 Indies Jam, sees you playing a Grim Reaper who sets out for revenge after a failed assassination attempt has left him wheelchair bound.

You are Deff, a Grim Reaper who someone tried to assassinate. This near-death (or near Deff) experience has left you wheelchair bound and unable to use most of your body. As a determined individual, you have found a way to continue your job of killing people despite this change of movement. You have found a way to dash towards your enemies or metal plates on the walls, using that movement to get around.

Dashing to enemies and plates does take a bit of getting used to. Plates you can dash at over and over again, marking up their metal but leaving them intact for future use. Enemies, however, die after a few dashes, being sliced to pieces. These enemies must be destroyed, but you also need to make sure you are not shot and land in the right area to move on.

Over time, you can find other power-ups that help you overcome obstacles like a slow-motion ability. This will let you move through electricity and just generally give you more time to figure out where to go next when dashing around!

It’s a fun game with fast paced action platforming gameplay, challenging level design and excellent pixel art animation. Will you be able to get revenge for Deff’s near death experience?

Download Deff Here (Windows)