Deformers – Open Beta (Steam)

Deformers Beta Download

Deformers is a fast, frantic and funny physics-based arena brawler from Ready at Dawn (The Order: 1886, Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus) in which squashy little aliens, animal and blobs battle for supremacy.

In Deformers you take control of a ‘Form’ – a squishy, spherical blobby creature that can roll, ram, shoot, block, throw and use special abilities in an attempt to defeat opponents across a variety of game modes. These little Forms are adorable and can be customised with a variety of styles, tags and emotes. As they roll, players can absorb a vary of objects around the battlefield, including ‘Tribs’ which can be fired at opponents, ‘Gibs’ which restore your health and debris which increases your point score. You can also pick up ‘Powers’ that grant player nifty Mario Kart-esque power-ups such as invisibility, mines and the ability to temporarily grow into a giant ball of destruction that can mow down any enemy you come in contact with.

Deformers features traditional solo and team deathmatch modes and a fun Rocket League-esque Form-Ball mode, with each mode offering lots of addictive blob-on-blob combat. The levels will also enact a short disaster once per match that can really affect the gameplay – ranging from tilting the whole level to total loss of gravity. It’s a cheerful, charming and wonderfully chaotic game that’s packed full of vibrant visuals and character. The Beta starts at 18:00 UTC today and is open to all this weekend until April 3rd at 00:00 UTC and we highly recommend checking out for a bit of blobby multiplayer mayhem.

Download the Deformers Beta Here (Steam)