Defragmented – Pre-Alpha Demo

defragmented game

Defragmented is a cool cyberpunk action-RPG that blends fast, fluid and super tough top-down gunplay inspired by Hotline Miami, with looting and RPG elements inspired by Borderlands and Diablo.

The sense of style in Defragmented impresses as soon as you boot it up, as you’re hit with it’s crisp cyberpunk visuals and superb pulsing electronic soundtrack.  You play a lone gunman, in a cyberpunk  story about cloning, corruption and hacking.  What this entails is a lot of satisfyingly challenging, fast paced run-and-gun combat, in which you’ll die a lot, but always stand a better chance the next time thanks to generous loot drops and levelling.

Stealth isn’t always the best tactic in the current build as a lot of the enemies have a near-superhuman field of view, but once you’ve collected some more powerful weaponry and levelled up a bit, full frontal assaults are a satisfyingly viable option.   We can’t wait to see more of Defragmented as it’s electric atmosphere, looting, levelling and brutal run and gun gameplay really do impress.  Super stylish top-down shooting.

Note:  Press ‘I’ to access your inventory and change out weapons

Download the Defragmented Pre-Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)