Delares – Kickstarter Demo

Delares is an open world pixel art roguelite action RPG where a travelling merchant rids the world of giants whose existence causes chaos within the world.

In Delares you will travel from city to city through a procedurally generated world that’s home to all kinds of mythical creatures. You can play the games in different ways, so you can become a peaceful explorer, a skilled craftsman or a heavily armed warrior, and you’ll also be able to tame many of the animals you meet and use their skills throughout the world and in battle.

As you’re also a merchant, there is also a big focus on setting up production and sales chains. So for instance, you can upgrade an ancient mine and employ a tamed stone golem to work there, extracting valuable ore that can be sold or used to craft other valuable items. You can also embark on quests and interact with four different factions – the People of the Wind, the Northerners, the Desertmen and the Cavemen.

It’s an impressive game that immerses you in its world and allows you to make choices that will shape the gameplay and the story. See if your wandering merchant can save the world!

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