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Delta-Gal is a fantastic Mega Man inspired action platformer metroidvania with vibrant Dreamcast-esque visuals, fast paced gameplay and big bosses to battle.

Currently in development by Arthur Vyater, Delta-Gal is a 3D action platforming adventure where you take control of the titular character as she explores a charming, colorful and dangerous world. You’re pretty agile and you have a Mega Man-esque arm cannon which you can upgrade with interchangeable modules and as you progress you unlock new abilities (such as a grappling hook) that allows you to reach new areas.

The current build of Delta-Gal features one large town hub area (where you can chat to locals and buy upgrades) and a large area outside the town that plays a little like a Zelda dungeon. The “dungeon” requires a mixture of exploration, combat, platforming and a little puzzle solving to beat, with it all being topped off with a tricky boss to battle.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, there’s a lot of content in the current build and it’s a delight from start to finish. There’s a nice variety of enemies to blast and obstacles to deal with and the boss fights are pretty spectacular. It’s the main character that really makes the game though – Delta-Gal handles like a delight and her animation is superb (particularly the delightful way she runs). It’s a great game that already feels like a classic.

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download The Delta-Gal Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Yess!! Absolutely loved playing through this. I really hope the creator keeps going with it, it has so much potential.

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