Delusion – Prototype Download


Delusion, a short prototype created by jaekkl, is a first person horror in which you explore a series of abstract low contrast areas filled with creepy creatures and surreal sights.

You start in a dark room, with the only light present coming from an open doorway. As you enter the door closes swiftly behind you, leaving you in a pure white corridor leading to a red button. With no way of turning back you press said button and behold it’s amazing transformation before your very eyes. As you continue onward though, you feel a dark presence watching you with glee.

Delusion is extremely well crafted and although it is lacking in colour, it grips you from the moment you enter the game. The atmosphere makes you feel as though you’re in the room, being forced to move onward, without a fleeting chance of ever seeing reality again. The only major let down is knowing that the dev has now cancelled the project, but it’s definitely worth a look for those interested in a very surreal horror based experience.

Download the Delusion Prototype Here