Demetrios – Alpha Demo


Demetrios is a fun point and click adventure filled with cynical humor, clever puzzles, mini games and branching pathways.

In Demetrios, you play Bjorn Thonen, an antique seller who has just been robbed. After coming home one night drunk, Bjorn receives a mysterious phone call, followed by an intruder in his home. He ends up knocked out on the floor until the next day. The police don’t seem interested in this case, so Bjorn decides to investigate himself – possibly with the help of his neighbor, Sandra.

There are several different endings to chapter one, which can all be unlocked when you lose. If you get stuck you are able to find cookies on each screen. These tiny cookies can then be eaten to give you clues as to what to do next.

You must search around your apartment for clues, collect items to help you along your adventure, and speak to many different characters. Soon, you will start to discover the strange secrets behind this case. This game is packed with mini games, fun adventures, and witty dialogue. Can you solve this crime?

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