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DEMISE Game download

DEMISE is a super intense and thoroughly disorientating zero gravity first person shooter that literally shows you the whole picture – with a massive 360 degree field of view!

DEMISE is an old school run and gun shooter at heart, with fast paced action that plays a little like Descent or Quake. In it you control an unnamed space marine/astronaut who is aboard a space station that’s gone critical. Your chances of survival are 1% – which aren’t the best odds, but at least you have a 360 degree field of view and a couple of badass guns to blast your way out of there with!

You’d think that having the ability to see everywhere around you at all times would be a godsend – but it’s really not! The massive field of view can be pretty disorientating, making it easy to get lost in the corridors of the space station you’re exploring. Combined with the OTT weaponry you use and the kickass soundtrack, the strange all-seeing viewpoint makes for an incredibly intense experience.

Taking around five minutes to complete, DEMISE is a fantastic, adrenaline-fuelled game from start to finish. It’ll also make you realize there’s a good reason most first person shooters limit the field of view to 90 degrees though!

Check Out a DEMISE Gameplay Video Here

Download DEMISE Here (Windows)