Demolition Debby – Game Jam Build

Demolition Debby is a carnage-filled little driving game where you attempt to destroy your ex-husband’s entire estate with a bulldozer while being chased by the police!

In Demolition Debby you take on the role of Debbie, a recent divorcee who is looking to get some payback on her husband. Her chosen method of revenge is a bulldozer which she plans to drive through her ex-husband’s massive multimillion dollar estate. Better buckle up, this is gonna get bumpy!

The aim of Demolition Debby is to do around 2.5 million dollars worth of damage to the estate. You don’t have to destroy everything to win, but you’ll have to smash up a large percentage of it – all while being chased by police cars, SWAT vans and helicopters. If you take too much damage then it’s game over, but thankfully you can use boosts and smoke to evade the police and pick up fuel and repair kits to help extend your bulldozing rampage.

It’s a simple, but fun little game that’s fondly reminiscent of Blast Corps with a touch of GTA-style police chase chaos. Sure, smashing up a multi-million dollar estate is unlikely to solve any issues you have with your ex-hubby, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Demolition Debby Here (Windows)