Demon Burst – Game Jam Build

Demon Burst is a fun little game that delivers a very authentic old school arcade action platforming experience as you battle your way up a monster-filled tower.

While a lot of games look like retro arcade games nowadays, not many of them actually play like them. Step forward Demon Burst, a tower-climbing monster battling action platformer that plays as old school as it looks. In the game you control a lone hero who must fight their way to the top of a tower, battling lots of monstrous enemies and powerful bosses as you go.

Your movement is fairly slow and deliberate, so you need to learn your enemies’ movement patterns and time your attacks accordingly. You’re not the most nimble of characters, but you do have the ability to hang on to ledges and you also have access to three unique weapons that you can switch between by pressing ‘E’.

It’s a very tough game, but very addictive and you feel yourself improving with each new playthrough. It’s a great little love letter to classic arcade gaming and will take real skill to beat.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Demon Burst Here (Browser)