Demon Dilemma – GameJam Build

demon dilemma

Demon Dilemma, a game made for the Global Game Jam 15, has you summoning demons and pitting them against each other!

You will be able to play as Clarice, a little girl who would like to summon demons. What’s not normal about wanting to spawn demons in your small house? So far, Clarice has everything she needs; a pentagram and a dark, spooky room. She even has a strange purple sheep to teach her how to make these demons appear.

This purple sheep provides the starting glyphs that one needs to make a demon. Glyphs are small stone pieces with strange writing on them. You are able to collect these glyphs to create demons. Once you have a couple of glypse, you can choose to make a demon in a sort of “build-a-bear” way. Hitting the spacebar brings up a blueprint for a demon. You can put a glyph in for the demons head, body, and/or legs. Some spots can be left blank or more than one can be put in a single place. There are tons of different glyphs, so tons of different shaped demons can be made. Some are small, others become huge. Some have smaller heads or torsos. All of these demons have two thing in common; they are angry and want to fight.

If you are the only one in the room, these demons will come after you and kill you. This is the price to pay for messing with arcane magic. If you are quick, you can pick up glyphs from fallen demons and make more to keep these monsters entertained. Watch them fight, but do not forget to pick up the glyphs to continue to make monsters!  Create your own demons and see how long they last!

Play Demon Dilemma in your Unity supported browser HERE